the book

killer mike and his wife shana draw one another in at public assembly, 2013

I'm working on a book about relationships and rap music. Specifically about the relationships between male rappers and the women in their lives. I spent about a month photographing the rap scene in Pittsburgh a few years ago for a magazine and the most interesting, beautiful photographs I took were of the men I met and the women they loved. Girlfriends, wives, but also daughters and mothers. I believe that most people who consider these relationships view them in a superficial and negative way that is based primarily on aggressive representations in pop culture. The correlation is reflexive and complicated. I'm not trying to push an agenda here; I just think there's more to consider in the game. What started, at least in me, as an interesting passion project has developed into a larger, longer, messier analysis of urban culture via a piece of documentary work. Things are never what they seem — and one should check their expectations at the door.